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How to Apply for a City Government Job

Please follow all instructions on the job listings.  City's Human Resources are extremely picky and potential candidates MUST follow the instructed actions.  Failure to follow instructions promptly will be disqualified to the position applied.

To apply, job seekers need to download the city application (pdf file) on the city's website or he or she may call the Human Resources Department to request a copy of the application mailed to your house.  Please READ your directions carefully and submit all required documentations such as transcript, typing certificate prior to the application deadline. 

Once your resume and application have been received and if you are qualified, you will be contacted for an examination.  Most examinations cover your basic math and English skills similar to SAT.  You must score at least 70 percent to pass.  All qualified candidates will then be ranked based on the test scores and will be invited back for an interview.  With a combination of the test score and the interview process, the most qualified candidate will be offered the position.  In some cases, multiple positions are available.  City department goes through the ranking scores to make their offers.  Candidates without an offer are put on a waiting list for future employment opportunities. 

Final Note:  Applying for city jobs can be stressful and lengthy.  However, if you have the persistent and patient, once you able to join the city workforce, it can be really rewarding.   City offers competitive pay, many holidays and vacation, great benefits, growth opportunities.  City job employees work mostly 8 to 5 and that is it.  No overtime or whatsoever.  More importantly, once you have acquired a position with the city, you will NOT have to worry about losing your job.  In short, once you are in the city government workforce, you are in for life provided that you do not commit any criminal actions against the law. 

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