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Have a comment or success story to tell?  Simply email us at admin@cityjobslinks.com with your story or comment.  Please include your first name and city or state.  We will gladly post it on this page.  Thank you very much for your feedback.


"I would like to say, "Thank you"  to cityjobslinks.com for the wealth of information you have collected on your website. I can't imagine the amount time it would have taken to individually pull all the information on my own.  I am in the process of finding a city government job in Illinois I keep coming back to your site for assistance.  Great work!"  
Sandy A.

Dear City Jobs Links,

I would like to thank you for your wonderful site.  It is a wealth of valuable information.  I have already applied for numerous jobs through this website and am looking forward to a new career thanks to you!
Best Regards,
Lindsay M.

"CityJobsLinks.com provides an exceptional service by offering links to all of the major city job postings by State.  Most city jobs are never advertised in the local papers - In the past, job seekers would have to either go in person to the HR Departments of the city they are interested in working for, or search for the material online - a tedious process.  CityJobsLinks greatly simplifies this by providing a central location from which to view job postings by city.  What I like the best about CityJobsLinks is its "Craigslist-Like" interface - There are no fancy, slow-loading graphics to detract from the job searches.  This site has greatly helped me in my job searches and I highly recommend it! - Jim / Los Angeles"

Your website is a great resource for those looking for municipal jobs.  It brings together an entire metropolitan area's worth of jobsites and saves me a lot of time that I would otherwise spend searching for websites.  I'll be using your site during my job search!  Thanks, Brian L.

I would like to thank you for your website for city jobs.  I did not think of applying for a city job until I saw your posting that lead me to your site.  I have no problems getting around the site.  It was very clear and easy to use for the first time on it.  I hope my timing is right and it lands me a job.  Thank You, Vita L.

I also wanted to thank you. I was able to locate a job in Tampa and apply with ease.  \     Jeffrey Miller, FL


Thanks for the service.  It is making my job search easier!

To view University Job Openings by state, please visit http://www.universityjobslink.com

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