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Your Resume, Your First Impression
By Robyn Kelleher-Gormley

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You get tired of fighting the resume. Then your next step is to search the web to find information on how to write that resume…which can take hours to research with all of the different sites out there. Many of these sites claim “free”. You click on them to find an array of pages that you are not sure where to go to get simple information that you need.

With just a few tips and tricks of the trade, you might be able to pull off a resume, but you are still not sure if it works for you.

At Your Interviewing and Resume, we make it easy for you. We offer a few simple tips on how to compose your resume. Simple things like keeping it to one page, highlighting skills with action words, and listing accomplishments. Instead of giving you samples of resumes for you to build it yourself, we take the frustration out. We will create your resume for you based on your personal experiences and skills. You just answer simple questions, and we get it done.

The best part is that we offer Interview Coaching. This is your insight to what the newer interview processes are. Most companies are moving into the “behavioral interview” process which can be quite overwhelming if you are not prepared. Questions asked are directed primarily at what specific actions you took during a specific situation. If not worded or answered “correctly”, then the interviewer will bypass to the next candidate and stack your interview at the bottom of the pile.

We have over ten years of experience. What’s even better? You will have hiring managers compiling your resume for you and giving you the insight to the interview process! It doesn’t get better than that. Low prices and quality service, you are bound to be satisfied. Remember that a resume should be Bold, it should be Brilliant, and it should be YOU! www.yourinterviewing.com

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