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A Resume Secret You Simply Must Know
By Carla Vaughan Platinum Quality Author

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Resumes are an essential part of our work lives. We hate writing them, but we know we need them. What is so remarkable is that they are not that difficult to write. Yet, we procrastinate putting our credentials down on paper. Why? Is it perhaps because we are afraid it will be time consuming?

If you want a professional resume, you have to make the time to write it.

The resume secret you simply must know?

Use a proven guideline to lead you through the process so that you donít waste time floundering about wondering what you should list on your resume. One of the best guidelines you can use is shown below. It will show you, step by step, how to create a professional resume.

Follow this resume guideline and make the whole process easier and less time-consuming. You know you need a resume. Do it right.

The first part of a resume is the HEADING. It tells the employer who you are and where to contact you. List your name, address, phone number(s) and email address if you want to be contacted that way. Make sure all of the information is 100% accurate.

The next section is the job objective. While some experts say this section isn't necessary, you stand a much better chance of getting the job you are seeking if you tell the employer exactly what position interests you. Otherwise, the employer is left wondering what you might be best suited for. Sure the cover letter will mention what you are looking for, but what if the cover letter gets separated from the resume? Right, so use a resume objective and make life a little easier for everyone.

You can either put your work experience or your education in the next section. If you list your education next, be sure to include the name and location of the institution, your course of study, graduation dates (or dates of attendance) and your GPA if it's good.

Work experience is fairly easy with one exception: the dates of employment. That is what usually drives people the craziest. In this section, write out the name of the employer, your title, the dates you were employed and your work-related responsibilites and accomplishments. Consider that anything which relates to your new job should be at the top of your list so the employer reads that first. If you write that you opened the mail when you also supervised 6 people, you have it backwards.

Activities/Honors and the like should have a section of their own and should be listed toward the bottom of the page. Again, if it fits with your job objective, list it. If it doesn't, but it looks good, use it if you have space.

Other possible sections could include foreign languages, computer experience, volunteer work and professional affiliations. If they apply, use them.

References don't even need to be mentioned. Everyone knows that if you are asked for references, you can provide them. Don't waste resume space on something that adds nothing to your credentials.

So, now you have everything you need to write your resume. Ok, so you have a great guideline for writing your resume. The rest is up to you, your memory and whatever time it takes to get it all in print.

Yes, it's a bother to have to write a resume, but you have to do it, right? Just get it done. You can do it!

Author: Carla Vaughan, Owner of Professional-Resume-Example.com

To read more about resumes, follow this link: Resume Related Articles These articles are designed to help you better understand the resume-writing process.

My goal in creating Professional-Resume-Example.com has always been to help job seekers put their credentials down on paper in a way that appeals to employers.

There is no cost for any of the information on the site. It's all free.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Carla_Vaughan

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