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How To Ace An Interview
By Dr. Jerry Bills

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  • The interview ranks with the root canal as one of life's least favorite things. The best way to succeed in an interview is to follow the Boy Scout motto: "Be Prepared."

    1. Know every detail of your resume - the person interviewing you generally spends less than 1 minute reviewing your qualifications. You have the advantage since you have had years to think about them.

    2. Conduct practice interviews - simulate the interview situation with family and friends. It can be fun and you'll gain confidence.

    3. Always dress appropriately - check all elements of your personal grooming from your shoeshine to your hair cut and makeup. Avoid extremes.

    4. Be on time - plan to arrive slightly early so that you will be relaxed. It is never acceptable to be late or to arrive more than 10 minutes early.

    5. Be polite to everyone you meet - you'll never know whether the receptionist is the boss's daughter if you don't get her approval.

    6. Wait to be told where to sit - avoid leaning in your chair or placing anything on the desk of the interviewer - and don't try to read upside-down.

    7. Get the interviewer's business card - you'll need it later for the correct spelling, title and address for your "Thank You" note.

    8. Relax - It's much easier when you're prepared. Besides, interviews are never fatal.

    9. Show enthusiasm - employers can often tell whether you are interested in the position or merely in need of a job. Genuine enthusiasm is always remembered.

    10. Don't be modest - it isn't necessary to boast, but you need not be apologetic about your skills.

    11. Smoking, perfume and after-shave lotion - don't smoke on the day of the interview and forget the perfume and after-shave. Some people have allergies.

    12. Stay focused - the interviewer may have a great fish tank, but stay alert and respond clearly and concisely.

    13. Salary and benefits come later - talk money and perks after you have established your value to the company.

    14. Let the interviewer set the tone - if the interviewer wants details, give details, and when broader concepts are invited, give concepts.

    Dr. Jerry Bills, the Writing and Resume Wonk
    [Wonk (noun): An expert who studies a subject or issue thoroughly or exclusively.]

    Colorado Springs, CO
    1.719.447.1147 (in Colorado) or, toll-free,
    1.866.666.1147 (outside of Colorado)
    Outside the USA by e-mail only

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dr._Jerry_Bills

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