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Effective Interviewing
By Dr. Jerry Bills

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1. It is never appropriate to arrive late, or more than 10 minutes early, for your interview. If you show up to a job interview late, ill prepared, or dressed inappropriately, you could be sealing your own fate.

2. A neat, professional appearance, is never out of style and is always apropos for a job interview.

3. Walk tall, smile, make eye contact, and present a firm handshake - this goes for men and women.

4. Bring at least two copies of your resume to the interview.

5. You will feel much more at ease if you have rehearsed with a friend, relative, or co-worker a day or two before the interview to sharpen your communication skills.

6. Answer questions clearly and concisely.

7. Don't get long winded or meander into personal details that are just not appropriate to discuss.

8. Try to keep the interview on target and focused on you.

9. Be prepared to sell yourself by highlighting your strengths, your accomplishments, and your excitement about working for this potential employer.

10. Don't apologize for anything, simply accentuate positive and relevant information. Arrive with an attitude of "humble egotism".

11. Psyche yourself up into creating the impression that "I'm good, I know I'm better than good, but I know I have more to learn".

12. Show enthusiasm, dedication, and ambition through your body language and your words.

13. The single goal of an interview is to get a job offer. You can always think the offer over and turn it down later, but objective is to get that job offer instead of any other candidate.

14. Sit still, don't hum, chew gum, clean your glasses, drum your fingers, pick your teeth, tap your foot, or do anything else that might leave the impression that you are a nervous, neurotic mess.

15. If the interviewer asks an open-ended question, give an open-ended answer.

16. If the interviewer asks specific question, provide specific answers.

17. An interview is not the appropriate place to discuss wages or benefits - it's best to conduct salary negotiations as well as benefits such as insurance and vacation time AFTER you get the job offer.

18. When the interview is over, stand up, extend your hand, and thank the interviewer for his/her time and consideration of you as a candidate for this position.

19. Ask for the business card of the interviewer, so you can send him/her a "Thank You" note and then leave gracefully - you may ask when the decision is anticipated but don't offer to call back - just walk out as confidently as you entered.

Dr. Jerry Bills, the Writing and Resume Wonk
[Wonk (noun): An expert who studies a subject or issue thoroughly or exclusively.]

Colorado Springs, CO
1.719.447.1147 (in Colorado) or, toll-free,
1.866.666.1147 (outside of Colorado)
Outside the USA by e-mail only

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