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Effective Cover Letter for a Resume: the Best Way of Getting the Job
By Jimmy Sweeney 

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Today, the trend of writing a cover letter becomes increasingly popular to most companies. You should never ask why. Because time is a very important factor being considered by most business minded people in achieving the company's success. Every step that they make is followed strictly in accordance to time especially when they are hiring new employees. So, employers prefer to read cover letters which is the summary of the applicant's entire resume.

However, cover letters are always sent along with your resume. They go hand in hand. The cover letter only summarizes your credentials that will match the qualifications which answer the company's needs. The contents should always be brief and relevant to the posted job advertisement. Thus cover letters is the best way of creating good impressions.

Take note, your cover letter should be an effective tool that will clearly explain your prime reasons why you applied for the job and it expresses your enthusiastic interests in the company. It is important to review some examples of cover letters before making your own.

An effective cover letter follows the format of an ordinary business letter which addresses three major issues. Always remember that your resume only serves as a back up, and any mistakes done in your cover letters will ruin all your efforts.

The first paragraph explains the reasons behind writing the cover letter. It is advisable to mention some references if there is. It could be an acquaintance or a friend that have referred you to the potential employer. Your mutual contact to these persons must be stated by using their names to encourage your employer to continue on reading.

If you learned about the job opening from an advertisement, mention it clearly along with the position's title that you are applying for. Express your eagerness by supporting it with your credentials that will qualify you to the position. But if you were just inquiring about a possibility of job hiring, then put much stress on your job objectives that will capture the employer's attention.

The second paragraph will explain the things that you are capable of providing the company. It should illustrate your work experiences and abilities that are considered as assets to the company and to the position you are applying for. As much as possible focus on your potentials that will answer the needs of your employer rather than concentrating on what you can get from your employer. Give emphasis on your skills on problem-solving, relevant achievements, and educational background that are transferable and important on your stated position.

The third paragraph will inform your employer on how you are going to follow-up your applications. You should enclose important contact information such as phone numbers and email address to directly bid for informational interview or job interview. State that you will make phone calls to set up any appointments during their most convenient time.

In some cases, an employer could deny your to make phone calls, however make sure that you do your best effort to communicate with the company. You should be confident that your resume, cover letters, and other needed materials are received. If ever you are outside the geographic area of the employer, indicate a definite time frame when you are going back. Also include some references that are available upon requests.

In the end, you will realize how cover letters makes a difference. The potential employer could grant you an interview or totally ignore your resume.

Jimmy Sweeney is the President of CareerJimmy and author of "Amazing Cover Letter Creator." Visit him at: http://www.amazing-cover-letters.com for your "instant" cover letters today.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jimmy_Sweeney

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