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Some Examples of Cover Letters That Will Make a Difference
By Jimmy Sweeney

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A very high competition always occurs when applying for a job. It is not that easy. Most applicants have had difficulty getting an interview. However, if their chances to be interviewed are increased then it could help them to get the job. Well, the best advice to get the job or at least an interview is to write a good cover letter.

A cover letter is the summary of your education, skills, accomplishments, and trainings. It matches the job that you are applying for at a certain company. It is the direct guide of your employer in knowing your credentials which matches the qualifications being given. Cover letters are written for different reasons and purposes. Take a look at the following examples.

- Cover letters stating your career objectives, relevant trainings, and replies to the qualifications needed by the company. Your accomplishments should be thoroughly explained in a manner that can immediately grab the attention of your employer. The skills must be bulleted for faster reading of your cover letter and better understanding.

- Cover letters answering an advertisement. It should present your work experiences related to the position that you are applying for in a clear and a precise manner.

- Cover letter which uses the technique of name-dropping. Your application can easily get your employer's attention by using the name of an important person who has gained the respect of your employer. It is a nice proactive method to get an interview. Always make follow-ups if you have stated it in your cover letter.

- Cover letter asking a question. If you combine this effectively with the name dropping technique along with a very enthusiastic and lively discussion of your experience and skills, then it will increase your chance to be selected.

- Cover letter presenting a market letter or canvassing. This will gain the interest of your employer if your skills are well presented. It should focus more on teamwork, positive work attitudes, and good customer service.

Cover letter examples are rated good if it is composed of three to five paragraphs. It is written as a short essay specifying your good qualifications that matches directly to the job. The first paragraph talks about the position and reasons why you are applying that will catch the employer's attention. The body contains the theme or objectives supported by definite examples about your qualifications. The end summarizes your cover letter. It requests for an interview by giving your contact information. General rules should be followed to write any examples of the cover letters effectively.

- Block or a standard format of writing should be used. The block format is more appropriate since all the texts starts from the left margin which is easier to remember.

- Single space the letters while spaces between paragraphs are double space.

- The contents are brief and relevant. The letter must be laser printed on a bond paper with good quality.

- The letter is patterned on the company and the position you have applied for. It should show your skills that would be an asset in achieving the company's goals.

- Carefully proofread your cover letter. Check for any misspelled words and errors on grammars. Avoid any mistakes since it will greatly affect your application.

Effective cover letter writing will guarantee you to get an interview. It is worth it if you get the job after the interview.

Jimmy Sweeney is the President of CareerJimmy and author of "Amazing Cover Letter Creator." Visit him at: http://www.amazing-cover-letters.com for your "instant" cover letters today.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jimmy_Sweeney

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